• Solar Call us for information on how this would effect you bill at 501-776-8074.

  • Benton West Substation Benton Utilities newest substation, the Benton West Substation was completed in 2014, and it insures adequate power supply to meet current and future needs of our customers.

  • ELECTRIC MAINTENANCE Journeymen Linemen build & maintain the City's electrical system. They do all of the work from the power plants all the way to the customer's meters.

  • Lake Norrell Constructed in 1953, stores 2.5 million gallons of water 17 miles upstream from the City of Benton, and the water gravity flows in the Saline River Channel to the intake in Benton.

  • Wastewater EQ Basin The 57 million gallon Equalization Basin is adequate to contain the diverted flow from the Treatment Plant, and it allows us to manage daily flows.

  • Water Storage Tanks Storage tanks provide extra water storage for the water supply. These tanks are used to handle excess demand during high usage times.

  • Water Treatment Plant A conventional surface treatment plant with a capacity of 13 million gallons per day. The water produced meets & exceeds all Safe Drinking Water Standards.

  • Wastewater Treatment Benton Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant treated a total of 258.67 million gallons for month of May 2015.

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