Who do I call?

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For Emergencies Call (24 hours a day/7 days a week): 501-776-5930
I need to pay my bill… Pay your bill on-line or call 501-776-5923
I have questions about my bill… 501-776-5923
I need to establish service… 501-776-5923
I need to disconnect service… 501-776-5923
I want to get a Night Light installed… 501-776-5923
I want to get a surge protector installed… 501-776-5923
I have a sewer back-up or manhole overflowing… 501-776-5930
I have a water leak (at meter, fire hydrant, in street)… 501-776-5930
I have a power outage… 501-776-5930
The street light is out… 501-776-5930
My Night Light is out… 501-776-5930
The tree is growing into the lines from pole to pole… 501-776-5930
I need a Sewer Inspection… 501-776-5930
I need an Electrical Inspection… 501-776-5938
I need a Water Service Inspected… 501-776-5938
I need to report problems with a Traffic Signal… 501-776-5990
I need to report a culvert stopped up… 501-776-5990
I need Utility Lines marked at my address… 800-482-8998
I smell Natural Gas… 800-992-7552
I need to purchase a permit… 501-776-5938

Non-Emergency Reports such as street light out, tree growing in lines or night light out can be made here

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