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I need to dig and I know there is underground utilities in my area, who do I call?

You need to contact Arkansas One-Call at 811 or 1-800-482-8998 or They will notify all underground utilities in your area for you and tell you the proper procedures.

In the event of a power outage, who do I call?

If you pay your utility bill to Benton Utilities, call 501-776-5930. This phone number is answered 24 hours a day/365 days a year. If your bill has been turned off for non-pay, you will be required to pay the past due amount in order to get it restored.

The streetlight or nightwatcher is out, who do I call?

You call the electric department at 501-776-5930.

What is the difference between a Nightwatcher and a Streetlight?

A nightwatcher is a light placed at the customer’s request that they are billed for monthly, and a streetlight is a light placed there for the citizens of Benton.

There is a line down, who do I call?

Call our department anytime to report an electric line down. The number is (501) 776-5930. Our department maintains all electrical service up to the meter. Beyond that point is the customer's responsibility.

There are limbs on an electric line outside my residence or business, who do I call?

The electric department is responsible for all primary lines, the lines that go from pole to pole, and we maintain them. The tree limbs close to or in the service line, the line from the pole to your house, are generally the customer’s responsibility. However, you can call this department to report any type of problem, we will look at it and see if it is something that we can take care of.

For our customer’s convenience, we do service drops where you schedule your service to be temporary disconnected at least 2 days in advance and our crew comes out and cut your service loose until you can get a tree trimmed, you call back as soon as you’re done before 3:00 PM, and we will come and reconnect you that day, this is all to be done during normal business hours.

Where do I go to get Electricity turned on at my house or business?

You will go to the Benton Utilities Billing Service Department at the Benton Municipal Complex. Their phone number is 501-776-5923.

I have a question about my bill, who do I call?

Call the Billing Services Department at 501-776-5923.

I need an electrical inspection, who do I call?

Call the City of Benton Community Development Division to schedule one. Their number is 501-776-5938.

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