Benton Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

The Commission was formed based by City of Benton Ordinance 46 of 2004.  It consists of a group of unpaid citizens interested in utilities. Commissioners serve five (5) year terms. They are appointed by the Benton City Council and must be residents of the City.

The Benton Utilities commissioners have management responsibility over the Electric Department, Water Dept., Sewer Department, Billing Service Department and Purchasing Department in regards to long-term planning, personnel requirements and operational needs.

The PUC cannot set utility rates or issue bonds for the Utility Department, a right reserved for the City Council by Ordinance 46 of 2004.

Current Commission Members are:

Commissioners Term Expires
Charles Best 12/31/2021
Doug Stracener, Chair 12/31/2022
Gary Ferrell 12/31/2023
Jim Martin 12/31/2024
Jerry Ponder 12/31/2025

Excerpt from City of Benton Ordinance 46 of 2004

The Public Utility Commission of the City of Benton was created by Ordinance 46 of 2004, which states in part “. . . WHEREAS the City Council of the City has determined that the System can be most efficiently and economically operated under a commission form of management and . . .” and appointed five commissioners for the ‘Commission’. Ordinance 46 of 2004 also states in Section 2. “Successor commissioners shall be nominated by the Commission and submitted to the City Council for ratification and confirmation by a majority vote of all members of the City Council for a term of five (5) years.”


Ordinance 46 of 2004
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