Benton Utilities Comptroller

The position of Comptroller for Benton Utilities was recently filled by Cindy Hawkins. Mrs. Hawkins has been an employee of the Utility department since 2004. She was originally hired to manage the Customer Service office. That position was enlarged to include meter reading and outside customer service soon after her arrival. The department name was changed to Billing Services to more adequately reflect the varied activities of the department.

With the increase in accounting activities necessary for both the City of Benton Projects and the Utility Projects, it has become increasingly difficult for one accounting manager to effectively handle these duties. Therefore, with the need to increase the accounting management staff, it was determined that the best way to meet the needs of both the City and Utility Department was to hire a finance person dedicated to the Utility Department. Since the duties of this person would cover such a wide range of responsibilities, the title of Comptroller was chosen.

Mrs. Hawkins still manages the Billing Services department indirectly and is still available to meet the needs of our customers. The day to day functions are directly managed by the department Supervisors Valeria Holden and Shawn Cottrell.

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