Effective Immediately - Electrical Fee Changes

The Benton City Council passed Ordinance No. 60 of 2017 Monday, November 13, 2017.  This ordinance amended City of Benton Ordinance No. 26 or 2014 to allow the Benton Utilities Electric Department to charge people actual costs for electrical meter installation and connection fees prior to installation within their service area.  Actual costs include expenses for materials, equipment use and labor.  Once Benton Utilities receives payment, an account will be set up and work can proceed at the construction site.  Benton Utilities will now allow electricians to plumb their own ditch for residential structures, but it must be inspected by electric dept. personnel prior to being backfilled.    However, on commercial and industrial construction sites, the contractor is responsible for opening and closing the ditch, and Benton Utilities Electric Dept. personnel will be responsible for plumbing the ditch.

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