Electrical Capacity Update

Dear friends and neighbors,

Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) is the independent regional transmission organization (RTO) operating the bulk electric transmission grid that delivers power throughout most of Arkansas, and their mission is to work collaboratively and transparently with their stakeholders to enable the reliable delivery of low-cost energy through efficient, innovative operations and planning.  

With the upcoming week of more hot weather and extreme temperatures, MISO has posted the following advisories:  Hot Weather Alert - Conservative Operations - Capacity Advisory

What this means to our customers is during the extreme hot temperatures, the transmission grid is nearing its maximum capacity, and in order to keep it from exceeding capacity, conservation is advisable. 

At any time during extreme temperatures, Benton Utilities may be contacted to reduce the amount of electricity that we require from the grid.  Should that occur, we will be reaching out to our customers to take steps to prevent or reduce rolling blackouts.

Some steps that may be taken:

Turn off unnecessary lights/devices, especially in unoccupied rooms.

Adjust thermostat upward by four degrees.

Close window coverings to preserve interior cooling.

Change your AC filter.

Cook outside on the grill, if possible.

Wash/dry laundry after 8 p.m.

For more energy saving tips, visit: Energy Saving Tips | Benton Utilities

We will promptly notify our customers if/when we receive a direct, load-shed imperative from MISO via text, email, Facebook, and our website.  Thank you for being prepared ahead of time, we appreciate your assistance and patience.  We hope to never be subject to rolling blackouts, however, we would rather pro-actively warn our customers in case it does occur. 

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