Frendall Elevated Storage Tank-Repair & Repainting

Benton Utilities Water Dept. will be having the water tower on Frendall Dr. repaired and re-painted soon.  The water dept. has put as much water as possible back into our water system, and they will need to drain the remaining water out to make it conducive to do the needed repairs and repainting. There will be a fire hydrant open at the corner of Frendall Dr. and Wittenburg Cv. to drain the remaining water out over the next several days.

This tank was inspected in February by Tank Spek inc. out of Berryville, Arkansas.  It showed that the tank needed repainted both exterior and interior.  The exterior portion of the tank will be repainted per McClelland Consulting Engineers recommendation with a new Benton Utilities Logo on the bowl.  The interior portion will need a few minor modifications to meet current health department regulations, and it will be sandblasted and repainted per the engineers’ recommendations. 

Bids were let, received and opened on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.  Notice of award for this project was given to Tank Pro Inc from North Port, Alabama at a total cost $645,740.00.  Pre-construction meeting was held in late August.  Notice to proceed was given to Tank Pro Inc. early September, and we expect work to start the first week of Oct.  with 128 days in their contract for completion. 

Benton Utilities has developed a long-term plan for our water system needs, and as a part of this plan, the elevated water storage tank located on Wittenburg Cove near the intersection with Frendall has some deficiencies due to age and use.  Our plan is to methodically establish and maintain a strategy for not only meeting current needs, but address the future demands the City’s anticipated growth may place on the system.

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