Major Projects

Ongoing Major Projects

1. Alcoa Rd Utility Relocation project for the Widening of Alcoa Rd.  This project includes extending an 8” sewer main from the south side of the Alcoa overpass to Boone Rd.

2. Installing New Flexnet Water and Electric Meters so meters can be read remotely.

3. Rehab of Willow St. Liftstation

4. Pipebursting Project on South St. & in the South St. Vicinity.

Upcoming Major Projects

1. The AR Highway and Trans. Dept. has made us aware of an upcoming project that will widen I-30 in Benton to 6 lanes from exit 116 to exit 111.  They have indicated that engineering needs to be done by summer of 2016.  This will result in electric, water and sewer lines being relocated.

2. The new 10 MVA Substation in the Hurricane Lake Estates area, we are in the process of meeting with Entergy Arkansas in regards to the specific location. 

3. McClelland Engineers is currently designing the new water line to service the 114 properties, it has an estimate of over $1,000,000 so when this project comes into fruition, Benton Utilities will be prepared. 

4. Preparations are under way to construct a 600 amp feeder circuit along Hwy 5 North to Hurricane Lakes Estates.

5. Plans are being made to convert the overhead electrical in the Oak Creek Subdivision to underground. 

Completed Major Projects

1. Electric Dept. has finished Installing 600 amp feeder circuit along Fairfield Rd.

2. The Water Storage Tank under construction in the area of Hurricane Lake is finished.  It to be filled and online now.

3. The installation of approx. 1500’ of 8” water main from Mesa Bend to the Sterling Oaks Subdivision is completed.  This main will loop our system & provide better fire protection as well as more reliable service to these areas. 

4. Conversion of Timbermist Subdivision electrical lines from overhead to underground.


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