Upcoming Water Line Improvements 3/3/2022

Benton Utilities Water Dept. is constantly engineering and attempting to fund improvement projects throughout the City of Benton.  This system started supplying water to customers in 1916, and many lines are nearing 100 years old.  In order to improve flow to our customers and fire protection as well as reduce line losses, these ongoing projects are necessary.  This dept. strives to meet our customers current needs and plan for the future needs of our system. 

Currently, we are looking forward to two upcoming improvement projects.  The first project will include a large portion of Jackman Street from Westbrook to Bird St., and the second project will include a portion of Jefferson St. from W. South St. to W. Smith St.  In both projects, we will be replacing two old water mains with a new larger main along with replacing services lines from the new main to the customers’ water meters.  In order to provide better fire protection to these areas, additional fire hydrants will be added, and existing fire hydrants will be replaced to better serve our citizens.  Benton Utilities is coordinating these projects with the City of Benton Street Dept. in planning for traffic control and street closures.

These projects are a part of a 10-year plan of improvement projects needed in the distribution system, this is another phase of work in our ongoing yearly maintenance contract with Coakley Company out of Hot Springs.  This dept. has partnered with Coakley company the last two years, and Benton Utilities has been pleased with their work. 

The construction project should be completed within 4-6 months with good weather.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our citizens during construction but want to thank everyone for helping in the upgrade of our water system.  If you have any questions, please call 501-776-5930. 

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