The Wastewater Collection System Department of Benton Utilities is excited to announce the renovation and upgrading of this significant pump station. This station handles the greatest volume of wastewater of all the stations south of I-30 in Benton. Although an adjoining, auxiliary pump station with a 57 million gallon equalization basin was installed in 2010, this will be the first major renovation of the Willow Street Station since 1978.

The scope of the work will involve several important upgrades. The existing shaft-driven pumps are being replaced with safer and more efficient dry pit pumps. They will be capable of moving 25% more wastewater to the treatment plant. The 14-inch diameter plumbing will be replaced, including isolation and check valves. A new aluminum staircase will be installed in place of the 22-foot, vertical ladder and hatch. This, along with the elimination of three high speed, vertical drive shafts, will greatly enhance worker safety in this deep dry pit, which is classified as a confined space under OSHA regulations. New cantilever gating, an emergency bypass pump connection, electrical and other improvements are all part of the project.

This renovation and upgrade project will ensure the reliable conveyance of approximately 1.56 million gallons of wastewater per day to the treatment plant. This translates into about 47 million gallons of wastewater per month, or 564 million gallons per year.

Funding for this project, estimated at $159,414.39, will come from Benton Utilities’ Depreciation Fund. Construction is scheduled to begin later this month with completion in about 30 days.


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