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Benton Utilities Water Dept. recently responded to the report of a major water leak on Riviera in Hurricane Lake Estates. They have since called in an Emergency Locate and gathered the necessary supplies to make a repair to a busted 6" water main. To make the necessary repairs, they will be closing some valves in the area around 4 PM. Customers in the area of Riviera will notice little to no water pressure during the time it takes to make the repairs. Current estimate is approx. 2 hours to complete.

Benton Fire Department - Spring 2015 Hydrant Testing

Starting Wednesday, April 8th, the Benton Fire Department, in coordination with Benton Utilities, will be testing public fire hydrants within the city limits of Benton. To pose as little of an inconvenience as possible, Fire Department crews will conduct testing during daylight hours. Testing will last for approximately 3 weeks.

Benton Utilities (BU) is proud to announce plans to construct its second utility owned electric sub-station. The first sub-station the Utility built is located on Dale Ave by our main office. This station supplies 30 million watts of power to our city. It is capable of serving 1/3 of our total energy use. This station went on line in September of 2014. The second substation is scheduled to go on-line in late 2017!


Boil Order Issued on April 2, 2015 has been lifted as of April 3, 2015.

The boil order issued for those that were affected by the water pressure loss has now been lifted. The following areas that were included in the boil order were customers on Canterbury, Silica Heights, Summit, Cole Dr., Meyers, Coral Cove, Tiner Cove Country Oaks Dr., Wakley Cove and South of the Silica Heights Church.

This past summer Benton Utilities awarded two contracts for the construction of a 12" water main and access road along with a 250,000 gallon elevated water storage tank located north of the Hurricane Lake Subdivision. Low bidder for the 12" water main and access road was H&H Excavation Inc. from Benton, Arkansas in the amount of $ 193,251.86. Low bidder for the elevated tank was Caldwell Tanks Inc. out of Louisville, Kentucky in the amount of $ 1,180,000.00.

As a customer, you have the opportunity to "like" our page on Facebook as another method we use to notify our customers when utility problems arise.  Find it at:

There are two areas where consturction commenced the week of February 16th.  The first involves the installation of a new 12-inch diameter, gravity sewer that will extend from behind the Pilot Travel Center at Alcoa Road and I-30 and will convey wastewater 1,650 feet to the City's main pump station at Hurricane Lake Estates.  This gravity main actually begins on the south side of I-30 and services such businesses as Best Buy and Chili's Restaurant before it crosses underneath the Interstate to pick up many others on the north side.  This new gravity sewer will serve the new Kroger Store, Ac

As a courtesy, Benton Utilities has given Promises to Pay to our customers for up to 7 days past the shut-off date if the total account balance is below $500.  Unfortunately, the $500 limit is to high and causes losses each year which in turn causes rates for everyone to be affected.  In an effort to continue to help our customers through occasional hard times and still be able to cut the losses, we are changing our policy on PTP's (Promises to Pay) beginning Jan.

We believe it is.  Almost everyone is connected to the information highway now.  We do everything from shopping to gossiping on our customers and wireless devices.  One of the greatest functions we enjoy is the ability to pay our bills online.  We no longer have to write checks, buy stamps, stand in line, wait at a drive through window, or spend our time doing all these things.  The next logical step is to quit receiving those paper bills in the mail that get misplaced or even forgotten.  When you sign up with us to GO PAPERLESS, you accomplish several things. 

In the next few months you may see deposits billed to your account.  By City Ordinance all residential accounts must have a deposit unless they have had 12 months of on-time pay at which time the deposit will be applied back to the account.  If payments are made late at any point after the deposit has been applied back to the account, a "normal" deposit will be billed to the account.  If payments are made late 3 consecutive months or 6 times in a 12 month period, a "high risk" deposit will be required.  A "high risk" deposit is also required if the account has been at "shut-off" status in t


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