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Ongoing Major Projects

1. Alcoa Rd Utility Relocation project for the Widening of Alcoa Rd.  This project includes extending an 8” sewer main from the south side of the Alcoa overpass to Boone Rd.

2. Installing New Flexnet Water and Electric Meters so meters can be read remotely.

3. Rehab of Willow St. Liftstation

4. Pipebursting Project on South St. & in the South St. Vicinity.

Upcoming Major Projects

Total wastewater flow treated for month was 145.24 million gallons. There was 14.8 million gallons of treated wastewater recycled for plant processes, that saved city water. Sewage sludge (also known as “biosolids”) generated produced a total of 28.76 tons of biosolids that was sold for beneficial reuse as a fertilizer. The wastewater treatment plant had no violations for month of July.


The Benton Utilities Water Department crew believes they have located the pressure problem that our system has been experiencing.  It will take a little time and pressure should be back to normal.  Thanks to each of you for your concern. 

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been multiple calls come into Benton Utilities regarding reduced water pressure.  Our crews have been searching for the source of the problem without results thus far. 

The management knows there is a major leak in the area east of Military Road & I-30 (between Military & Alcoa) then west and north of Alcoa.  As shown in the picture.


Date: August 14, 2015


The City of Benton is accepting applications for the above position in the Street Department. A job description outlining job responsibilities and qualifications is attached.  

Grade 5:  Range   $22,606 - $33,908

  • The State of Arkansas is widening I-30 at the 116 exit around the fairgrounds, and a second location is at Hwy 5 North near the Hurricane Lake Estates area.  Both of these projects require Benton Utilities to relocate the electrical lines in the immediate areas. 

The Benton Utilities Water Distribution Crew is on site with a busted 6" water main on W. Lakeview near the intersection with Northshore Dr. Customers on W. Lakeview, Durwood, Northshore and Military near Northshore intersection may notice reduced or no pressure at all while the necessary repairs are being made. We expect repairs to be completed by midnight.

The Wastewater Collection System Department of Benton Utilities is excited to announce the renovation and upgrading of this significant pump station. This station handles the greatest volume of wastewater of all the stations south of I-30 in Benton. Although an adjoining, auxiliary pump station with a 57 million gallon equalization basin was installed in 2010, this will be the first major renovation of the Willow Street Station since 1978.

The consumer confidence report for 2015 has been released. These reports are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), so that customers are informed of the quality of their water. Once again, Benton Utilities Water Department had no violations. Our employees pride themselves in providing the best quality water possible. We have achieved quality standards far exceeding the EPA requirements. Our treatment processes utilize the most current treatment chemistry.


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