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Benton Utilities Electric Department is onscene with a broken pole hit by a vehicle on Hwy 35 S just south of Bennett Rd. Customers in this area all of the way out to the south city limits (from Bennett to Apache and all of the side streets) will be effected by an outage due to this. When our crews arrived on scene, the remaining electrical structure was deemed unsafe, and the power had to be shut down to make the necessary repairs. We expect this outage to last approximately 4 hours while the repairs are made.


Sweltering days…sudden downpours...freezing cold nights…Weather in Benton can be unpredictable at times.

One thing is certain, even a heavy shower can cause flooding and other dangers. So if you haven't yet prepared, now is a great time to have a plan.

Benton Utilities is currently taking applications in the Water Distribution Department.  Job function is to assist in the maintenance, repair, and construction of the water distribution system of the City.   Requirements are high school education or equivalent, a valid Arkansas Driver’s License, ability to perform heavy physical labor, and ability to pass a Basic Distribution class.  Interested persons may obtain applications and a complete job description at Benton Utilities Complex, 1827 Dale Ave., Benton, AR.

The Benton Public Utilities Commission is currently accepting resumes from citizens interested in serving on the Share Board, there will be two vacancies.  The new share committee members will be appointed to fill the vacancies which will expire on December 31, 2015.  The Share Board Committee, independently of Benton Utilities has responsibility to determine which applicants receive assistance through the Share Program.  There is no salary with the position but expenses incurred in regard to the Share Board business could be reimburs

Geese Management around Water Supplies - Benton Utilities has recently instituted an aggressive geese management plan to both protect and preserve our water supply and sources. The current practices being utilized include the use of pyrotechnics in an effort to relocate them to a less disturbed environment.


September 10, 2015

JOB CLISSIFICATION: Water Dept. Inspector

The City of Benton Utilities is accepting applications for the above position in the Water Dept.  A job description outlining job responsibilities and qualifications is attached.

Grade 10: Range $29,544 - $44,316

Benton Utilities Water Distribution crew is on site with a ruptured water main on Edgehill Dr.  Customers in the area of Edgehill, Alcoa, Penland, And Lynnwood will notice reduced to no water pressure during the time it takes to make the necessary repairs which could be approx. 2 hours.

The Benton Utilities Water Dept. has just been notified that a contractor in the area of Airlane Drive has broken a water main.  Folks in the area of Airlane Dr. as well as the Troutt Addition may notice little to no water pressure during the time it takes to repair it.  Estimated time to repair is 4-5 hours.

Ongoing Major Projects

1. Alcoa Rd Utility Relocation project for the Widening of Alcoa Rd.  This project includes extending an 8” sewer main from the south side of the Alcoa overpass to Boone Rd.

2. Installing New Flexnet Water and Electric Meters so meters can be read remotely.

3. Rehab of Willow St. Liftstation

4. Pipebursting Project on South St. & in the South St. Vicinity.

Upcoming Major Projects

Total wastewater flow treated for month was 145.24 million gallons. There was 14.8 million gallons of treated wastewater recycled for plant processes, that saved city water. Sewage sludge (also known as “biosolids”) generated produced a total of 28.76 tons of biosolids that was sold for beneficial reuse as a fertilizer. The wastewater treatment plant had no violations for month of July.



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