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The Wastewater Collection System Department of Benton Utilities is excited to announce the renovation and upgrading of this significant pump station. This station handles the greatest volume of wastewater of all the stations south of I-30 in Benton. Although an adjoining, auxiliary pump station with a 57 million gallon equalization basin was installed in 2010, this will be the first major renovation of the Willow Street Station since 1978.

The consumer confidence report for 2015 has been released. These reports are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), so that customers are informed of the quality of their water. Once again, Benton Utilities Water Department had no violations. Our employees pride themselves in providing the best quality water possible. We have achieved quality standards far exceeding the EPA requirements. Our treatment processes utilize the most current treatment chemistry.

It is both a privilege and honor for Benton Utilities to announce the forthcoming retirement of long-time employee Alan Hendrix.

Darren Prysock—30 Years
Robin Polk—18 Years 
Angela Freeman—17 Years 
Jason Phifer—15 Years 
Cindy Hawkins—11 Years 
Tina Sierra—1 Year 

Leon WilsonIt is with a heavy heart, we at Benton Utilities announce the passing of part of our retired work family, Leon Wilson. 

While it is a good idea to take preventive measures against ticks year-round, be extra vigilant in warmer months (April-September) when ticks are most active. We would like for you to be especially vigilant, we have already had one employee infected with tick fever this year.

Avoid Direct Contact with Ticks

  • Avoid wooded and bushy areas with high grass and leaf litter.
  • Walk in the center of trails.

Repel Ticks with DEET or Permethrin

The Benton Utilities Water Distribution Department currently has a job opening for the position of Utility Worker. For more information, visit our website at:

Unplug devices - Be sure to not only turn off but unplug your computer, television, and other devices that can drain power even when they’re not on. If that’s a hassle, consider buying a Smart Strip, which automatically cuts power when devices don’t need it.

Use fans - Overhead fans get air circulating, which means you might be able to delay turning on the air conditioning—especially if you can also leave windows open on cool summer evenings.


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