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Customers in the area of Montclair may notice reduced to no pressure due to a crack in the water main. Crews are on-site to make repairs now. Current estimate 2 hours.

Public Service Announcement-CADC Announces 2023 Summer LIHEAP Utility Assistance Start Date Information

Benton Utilities Billing Service Dept. has had some issues with the printing of the bills this month and would like to notify customers that the correct amount due is in the box near the bottom of the bill.  (On the illustration, it is the “Total Due Now” highlighted in the box.)

The Benton Public Utilities Commission is currently accepting resumes from citizens interested in serving on the Public Utilities Commission. This commissioner will be appointed to fill a partial-term vacancy which will expire on December 31, 2024.
Friday, January 20, 2023 at 8 a.m., the Coakley Co. will be working to complete an upgrade project and will be tying in a new main near the intersection of River & Richards St. During this time, customers on River from S. Market St to Richards as well as Carter St. & Gunn St. will notice reduced to no water pressure for approx. 2-4 hours. The area affected includes First Baptist Church, however Ringgold Elementary should not be affected.


With freezing temperatures forecasted for our area starting Thursday and lasting throughout the weekend and possibly into next week there is a good chance that unprotected water pipes will freeze. When this happens, you may experience only the annoyance of interrupted water service until the water in the pipes thaw. Unfortunately, for a few, the water line may rupture and cause property damage and require plumbing repairs.

There are several preventive measures that can reduce your chances of having your water lines freeze.

Benton Public Utilities Commission

Commissioner Opening Press Release

Benton Utilities Water Dept. will be having the water tower on Frendall Dr. repaired and re-painted soon.  The water dept. has put as much water as possible back into our water system, and they will need to drain the remaining water out to make it conducive to do the needed repairs and repainting. There will be a fire hydrant open at the corner of Frendall Dr. and Wittenburg Cv. to drain the remaining water out over the next several days.

Electrical north of Hurricane Lake should all be back to normal and remain that way. We appreciate everyone's understanding while this work was completed.


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